2 under 2 in a 2bdrm house 😱

Yeah so. Two kids under two. Recently pregnant with a 9 month old. We have a super small house. How do we do this, we were able to move in another 3-5 years but now with a second baby on the way idk if we can move anymore... SAHM with extremely limited jobs out where I live... all minimum wage jobs so I wouldn’t be making much.

Panicking bad. I’m afraid we can’t move now, we have barely enough space as it is with one baby. Anyone else go thru this. What do we do😭. My grandfather is very supportive because he had lots of siblings in a house the same size as mine, lol, so that’s reassuring but still, in this day and age I have everyone telling me we need a bigger house. Baby was wanted but not trying, if it happened it happened but of course I’m worrying about this all over again. Hubby says it’s okay, but IDK ANYMORE. Hallppp