Telling my parents I’m pregnant when I know they’ll be upset

I posted earlier but I wanted more opinions and to explain a little more. I am 18 and currently 8 weeks pregnant. My boyfriend of 5 months is 20. I live with my parents but my boyfriend and I are looking to get a place together since we’ll have the baby. We’ll probably be able to move in together in July since that’s what it sounds like after speaking to the building manager at the place we want to go to. I have a history of partying a lot but I of course haven’t since I found out I’m pregnant. My parents are getting suspicious since I haven’t been going out, so I want to tell them soon. I really want to do it in a nice way and not like a sad, depressing “you’re going to hate me” way. And they aren’t going to hate me, I just know a lecture is coming. Which is fine. I’m excited about being pregnant and becoming more of a responsible adult. I really want it to be a positive experience and not a miserable one. So I guess I’m just asking if I really have to sit down and tell them in a serious way or if I can do it in a more fun way. I’m a fun person and I don’t want the news of my child to be a negative thing. Does anyone have suggestions on how to do this in a nice way, but still leave time to talk afterwards?