How to tell a ‘friend’ she’s being really insensitive

Ok so it’s kinda a long on,

So I’ve always had problems with my periods ever since I was 14 but the doctors wouldn’t do anything because I was still young, had the occasionally one didn’t really bother me so much a teen I thought it was great not having pain every month 😂,

Around 16 I went back to them and told them it’s not right and I wanna know what’s going on they told me to come back when I was older 😒 so I went to a different doctor at 17 they finally done test that I didnt understand, told me I’d never be able to have them as I probably won’t be ovulating if I’m but bleeding every month, t urn 18 and BOOM I’m pregnant no period about 6-8 months before that, pregnancy was fine she was healthy and good weight no complications what’s so ever, everything kinda go back to how it was yet I was still worried about them I dunno why I waited 4 years after having her to go back on complain but I did 😩 anyway finally had a period this year after waiting a year since my last one, I’ve not been on any contraception in 4 nearly 5years because I was this her dad then stayed single for 2 of them 😂then met my current partner just under 2 years ago

Anyone I made friends with this girl on line in a group chat and we all spoke about everything and anything. So I thought I’d tell them my journey to having my daughter and the struggles I’m giving to have another baby..anyway so messaged me last week like I don’t think I’ll ever be able to have a baby ever again, I’m late on my period (3 days) my test is negative, I’m not ovulating, I can’t listen to over people announce they are pregnant it breaks my heart, I can’t stop crying blah blah blah, she’s not been trying for baby at anymore as far as I’m aware, i don’t know how to tell her nicely that I think she’s over reacting and that when she’s taking about that stuff it actually kills me know she’s only a few days late and we’ve been trying for a year to have another baby 😭