I’m 15w1d I’m a first time mom so I’m not aware of all the testing that I should have but I’m reading & learning as I go & you would think that my doctor would walk me through and inform me of all the testing I’m supposed to have ....NOPE! Yesterday I was reading and seen that by now I should have had NIPT testing done instead my doctor skipped it & did the NT testing so I called his office to ask about it, which he acted totally surprised as if there was no way we didn’t do the NIPT testing so he made me wait on hold for 20mins so he could “so called” check my records... then came back saying yes we seem to be behind on your appointments, you should have been seen for 2 more things as well 😳 I just about lost it how do you get behind I just want a new doctor at this point ... If I read correctly the NIPT testing is supposed to be done in the first trimester before the quad testing in the second trimester so that you can compare all the test for better knowledge of wats goin on with the baby, how am I supposed to get NIPT testings done now 😭😭