2 year old is scared of everything


So my 22 month old son is literally scared of everything and everyone. I don’t know why or how to help. I don’t want to enable it but I don’t want to ignore it. If the ice maker in the fridge makes a noise he jumps and cries, he LOVES trucks/buses/cars but when he hears or sees one in real life he SCREAMS and runs for me. It’s exhausting to constantly be telling him “it’s ok mama is here, it’s just a car (or whatever it is)” any ideas how I can help him be more comfortable or less nervous? He also hates most strangers (like will scream and climb me and cling to me if one looks at him). I’m a SAHM and he’s my only child but we go to a different class/program every day of the week together. He loves close family and friends that he’s spent a significant amount of time with. He doesn’t talk much so I don’t know if there is more going on 😩😩. It’s so sad 💔💔