Separation anxiety


My daughters now 15 months old, she has Down syndrome so she can only crawl at this point. But I’m a teacher so I usually leave a little after 7:00. My husband works a bit far from home so he leaves around 5:00 and takes the 5:30 train into work. My daughter Scarlett I feel is having separation anxiety every time I’m about to leave the house for work or anywhere she’ll get all upset and start crying it’s hard for me to see her get upset. I get leave at 2:30 and I’m back by the 3:00 on Mondays and Fridays and 4:15 Tuesdays- Thursdays due to be helping at the school homework help program. But according to the babysitter it takes 25-30 minutes to calm her down. If I’m going somewhere like a store she’ll get upset if I’m at the door, 98% I just give in and bring her with me. My sons are 10,8, and 6 and they were fine whenever I left for work when they were her age. I need help ladies, I just want to have a smooth morning before work and get out the door without her getting upset.