Complete emotional breakdown

Just sat up in bed and cried for half an hour straight.

Almost 39 weeks and after the fifth night in a row of not being able to get to sleep until gone midnight because sleeping in any position hurts, and rolling over hurts, and breathing hurts. Then waking up from what could only be described as a nap every hour to go for a wee, to finally not being able to get back to sleep at 4:30 despite being physically exhausted.

Every position I get into, whether I’m lying down, sat down or stood up, is uncomfortable or painful. Baby (bless her little heart) is wriggling so much throughout the day that it feels like she’s going to punch and kick her way out of my stomach alien style.

I don’t feel like me, I feel like this gross huge vessel who’s sole purpose is to grow this baby. My body doesn’t feel like mine. I have loved being pregnant and am so thankful after so long trying that we have been able to do this, but my god am I ready to have my body back.

Please tell me this sudden surge of hormones means she’s going to be born tonight?