Bullying, a right of passage?


I was just involved in a heated argument (wasn’t even a debate)

A little background

I was venting to a friend how my 5 yr old is adopting this bully type mentality after being around his cousins for the past two weeks. As some one who was bullied, bullying is something I do not tolerate. (I’m handling it, no need to discuss this or comment on my kid)

Well in the middle of my vent session, his bf interrupts saying; “That’s normal kid behavior, the world needs bullies” 🙃 excuse me.

He went on to say that the world needs bullies otherwise people wouldn’t learn how to grow thick skin. Also how this is something I shouldn’t try to change or fix.

I feel like I know the answers I’m going to get but I’m going to ask anyway.

Is bullying a right of passage? Does the world need bullies?