Where are my mommas who are single and sexually frustrated ????

Regina • Nov 4, 18 👧🏽 .. August 22, 19👼🏽

so my backstory :

me and my baby girls father broke up because I found he had been cheating since I got pregnant in early 2018 and now I’m tryna move on, live for my baby, work harder than ever, and just be free but I have this attitude that I just can’t shake and it’s all do to the fact of I’m not having sex with girls or guys, I’m getting no play and it’s on me because I can’t have sex with ppl I don’t like and it really sucks because her father is the only one who knows me, my spots, where to touch, where to hit, where to kiss or rub me, he knows me VERY well and tbh I’d fuck him just to fuck and release all of this but I up and left him and moving my daughter and I 3 hrs away from him 🤦🏽‍♀️ and the toys make it worse and just intensifies even more