Period after methotrexate


Hey ladies,

I need your stories and experience. I’ll make this as short as possible.

I had an ectopic on February 19th I was 7.5 weeks, had methotrexate shots also on the 19th and again on the 22nd of February.

********Stop reading this part is TMI*******

I had old blood like discharge right up from February 19th to April 3rd. April 4th I had my what I think was my 1st period after my ectopic. I had a bad back, slight cramps 2 days leading up to the 4th. It was what I call “normal” period for me. It lasted 5 days and then back to that dark old blood like discharge up to this day. ( but it’s only when I wipe???)

Today according to glow I was supposed to start my period ( I’m guessing my 2nd period after methotrexate) but nothing. NOW...I had my so called “normal” pre period warning signs lol I had a bad lower back and slight cramps 2 days ago but now nothing is happening????

Anyone else that had methotrexate for ectopic have there cycle messed up?

Or have period like symptoms but day of nothing?

How long before you were able to conceive with a sticky one?

I have been extremely tired also, for example if I laid down to watch a movie I’m out for the count within minutes lol.

Thanks ladies baby dust to you all