So I'm 20 years old and recently I have had the craziest baby fever!

My best friends baby is now 6 months and my auntie recently gave birth to her baby, my neighbour just found out she's pregnant and my cousins trying for a baby.

All of this has got me sooooo broody.

I had a misscarriage in December last year but ever since then I've been desperate to try again however I don't think my boyfriend is ready, even though we have had unprotected sex at times he knows I'm most fertile and he didn't seem bothered.

We have been together almost 3 years now and I'd love nothing more than to have his child.

My period is due today but no sign of if just yet, I know I've got my hopes up in praying that there could be a chance I'm pregnant but it's unlikely :(

Is there any way I can cure my baby fever without having a baby😂😂