His ex

I’m gonna save you guys the story because I’ve already posted about the same topic before 😕 Long story short, my boyfriend has an ex that he still texts and calls. I’ve been aware of it throughout our relationship, and I didn’t see it as an issue until I realized he was calling him at like 9/10pm and to me those hours are unreasonable when you are in a relationship. Anyway after I noticed that I asked him could he make a phone call to him (my boyfriend is bi btw) in front of me, so I could hear the nature of their normal conversations. Initially, he told me no and that I was being childish by asking something like that of him. But a week later he decided to do it because apparently his ex texted him the night before. When they talked it did seem like just two guy friends catching up, so I was pleased. But later I see his phone and there’s no trace of this message his ex sent because my boyfriend deleted their conversation. And now I’m just fucking conflicted because although I don’t think he’s cheating or anything, I feel weird that now he feels the only way he can keep is friendship is by being secretive... Idk guys, I’m honestly done giving energy to this whole ex situation because I blew everything up at first, but on the other hand I wanna mention that hiding shit only raises red flags again. What the hell do I do guys?