HCG... positive tests... help


So I was due to have my period March 30th it never came, figured I missed due to stress from planning my wedding (my wedding was 3/30) doc figured the same thing since all pregnancy tests were coming back negative, well fast forward a few weeks and it's the last week of April still no period and no signs of one either so I take another test also negative, well were now into the beginning of May and I'm like hmmm still haven't started (may 4th to be exact) decided to take a pregnancy test that night and got a seriously faint positive, I could barely see it woke up May 5th and took another one which was still super faint but more visible and then took another one yesterday (I'm obsessive I know) which was an obvious positive but a light positive and today had my blood drawn to see my HCG which was only 24 😳 could I just have happened to test just as I had enough HCG in my system?! I'm using FRER tests I'm just like am I going to miscarry anyone had something similar?! Give me success stories! Doc said I need to go back Thursday to see if my levels have doubled and I'm so nervous pic of my tests from 4/5 and 4/6... also we weren't trying to get pregnant this pregnancy was a hit of a surprise lol