I left my boyfriend?...

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I need opinions:

I’m going to try and explain the situation as unbiased as possible. I need to know if my friends and family are right.

I have a boyfriend I’ve been with a year and a half now and we have an almost 2 month old daughter. Recently him and I have been having issues due to some lies he’s told me and how he never seems to want to spend time with me or our daughter when he’s home from work. Right now I’m a SAHM but I’m actively working on finding a job. I keep the house clean for the most part and maybe once a week I’ll ask him to do a few dishes or take the trash out when I’m exhausted and he either never does it or half asses it. On top of this when he gets up with our daughter at night he leaves her in the same dirty diaper all night long and he even lied to me about feeding her at night a couple times. I told him a few weeks ago that he needed to get his priorities straight or I was leaving and if I found out he lied to me one more time I was definitely leaving. He did, 5 days ago and since then I’ve struggled with leaving because I love him so much. So when that happened I told him I was going to just take a small maybe week long vacation to visit my mom so we could both take some space and regather our thoughts and work through it when I come back. So I came to my moms this morning (she’s 3 hrs away) I told him I was going and he even agreed it would be best for us last night and this morning. So I went. Tonight I called him so he could see his daughter and he suddenly hung up on me(I’m still not sure what I said but I think I must have hurt his feelings) I tried calling back a couple times til his friend picked up and said “stop fucking calling him, he’s done with your shit he just didn’t know how to tell you.” And hung up. I felt like my heart shattered when he said all that. It took a few phone calls to finally get ahold of my boyfriend again and he turned it all back on me saying he was pissed that I actually left and now he’s not sure he wants me back because I would leave over something so petty. I kept apologizing and telling him how sorry I am and that I wanted to come home but he said he didn’t wanna come get me cause I did it to myself and I have to wait til my mom can bring me back (cause I don’t drive). He said I ask too much of him since he works full time and that I ask him for too much attention and that he can’t relax by playing video games cause he knows I want attention. I’m really hurt but I’m willing to make a change to make him happy and to make this family work. I love him and our daughter and I want us all to be together. But my friend and my mom both heard our entire conversation (both ends) and they keep telling me he’s totally manipulating me and that he’s turning himself into a victim so he can get me to come home. I’m not sure to believe them or not? I think yes I have some things I definitely need to work on but I don’t feel like taking a few days to myself and taking our daughter to visit her grandma is selfish or unfair of me. I just wanted to give us both a break so we could think about the solution moving forward.