I wanted to go ahead and get my second birth story out there before I forget it because I'm slowly not remembering. But I went in today for my regular ultrasound and appointment (36+3). Baby wasn't moving and they couldn't get good tones so they rushed me from the waiting room to the birthing center to moniter baby. They monitored him for about 3 hours and then told me they were going to go ahead and go with the safest option, going ahead with delivery. It was scheduled for 8 PM last night. So the time rolls around to 7:30 and it's time for the epidural. The anesthesiologist starts pushing on my back (so painful) and then puts the epidural in and it's done. Cool. I lay back in bed and now it's time to transfer to a different bed to get taken to the OR. So I get on the bed and my fiance is waiting on the OK to come in while I get prepped. With my last baby, my epidural stopped working at 6 centimeters and the numbing medicine didn't work. Once again, my epidural didn't work. So once again, I had to be put under general anesthesia. Which I'm perfectly fine with. So they put the mask on me and bam I'm out within a minute. Next thing I know, I'm waking up to a nurse asking me how I'm doing and acting frantic. I realized that I was extremely dizzy. Apparently, I was gushing blood and my blood pressure dropped really low so the had to give me two different shots and some iv medicines and everything was fine. We had called the adoptive parents as soon as we knew the Csection was happening and they live 5 hours away, but they made it right on time! They came to my room a couple hours ago and I got to see the baby and he is so beautiful. I'm so happy that I can give that baby to someone who cant have a baby and really wants one. I'm just happy that theyre happy. And hes happy. Adoption is beautiful