Not pregnant once again this month...

Anyone else in the same boat:( I woke up this morning to test negative and when I finished peeing and wiped bam blood... I cried so hard! It’s been since November since our miscarriage and every month passes just a constant reminder of losing the baby and realizing it’s not our month again for rainbow baby:( I’m just venting but today is just a very annoying sad day. Anyone else feel that after a loss?

Like I can function just inside I’m sad. I’ve done lots of laundry today cleaned took care of the kids I babysit and showered dolled up to feel alittle pretty but still doesn’t cover the fact I’m sad inside :(

Just wanted to vent. Anyone have a miscarriage and get pregnant eventually after how long was it? My problem is the hubby works away so he is gone weeks at time and when home it isn’t the time I need him lol then when he is away I’m ovulating :((