treats me like a child


I've been feeling underappreciated, unloved, and abused. If I am not doing every little thing he asks me to, or I complain about absolutely anything, I'm a *pussy*or*baby*(his words).. the last week has been hard. our electric has been messed up.. It got fixed but now we no longer have any running water. I for some reason have been bleeding 10 days straight(usually only 4). found out I have a lump in breast and I have uterus problems they're still trying to figure out and I'm only 21. I ran out of tampons, have absolutely no clean clothes I have been wearing dirty clothes for 3 days due to no running water, and my dog decided to pee on my bra that was on the floor..😊 so due to all those things I said f*** it, I'm not going to work(nannying), without tampons or a bra or clean clothes. the job I have is a temporary thing for extra cash. he starts flipping out telling me I'm a pussy and a little cry baby because I'm crying about everything im stressed out. then we start arguing about how I need to work to pay him back for my beater car he got me and I know that I have to and I will because I have been but I dint ask him to get me a car, he did it.. he uses EVERYTHING he does against me. he threatens to take my car and sell it and he threatens to take my phone away, my games and ps4 away and he always is saying that everything in the house is HIS and that the house is HIS.. I'm so sick of it he told me to get tf out this morning all because I couldnt go babysit today.. I have already explained to him the babysitting gig is temporary. hes trying to keep my animals if I leave which i had before the relrelationship started 6 years ago. i have no where to go. no family who cares and no where that would even allow my animals if i do leave. bit to mention my friend lives here and i cant just leave her. idk what to do but i seriously am so sick of being treated like a child and every day being worried that i have to watch what i say or hell lash out or worried that I'm going to be *grounded* because he will take stuff away. also my car is not registered or insured so he drives me everywhere and he uses that fact as another thing he can control. I just dont know my way out....:,(