HIPPA Violation?


Hey guys,

I’m currently 13 weeks and 1 days and I went to the doctor at exactly 12 weeks last week. My parents are divorced and my father was never really a part of my life other than forced weekends and yearly two week vacations with my dad. I don’t really talk to him, nor do I have much of a relationship with him, so I decided I did not want to tell him that I was pregnant. I felt it was none of his business to know since he was never actually there for me. Since I’m 19 years old, I had to use insurance that is under his name in order to go to the doctor. Obviously he got statements and began to question the situation. He texted me yesterday telling me how he had called the doctor and knew everything. Now my thing is, is the doctor allowed to tell him this information? I’m 19 and I have a list of three people who were allowed to know my medical information and my dad was not one of them. I’m a little heated that they even told my dad as I did not want him to know any of this besides insurance statements. I’m just confused because my mother had tried calling my doctors before and they can’t disclose medical information to her, but for some reason when my dad calls the doctor they disclose my information to him? What should I do?