Ttc #1


Please bear with me and any help is much appreciated!! My SO and I are going into our 6 month of ttc. I have regular periods every 29-31 days, I got my thyroid tested and everything came back normal, and when I take an opk I do get my positives like clockwork pretty much around cd18-20. I feel like we have been timing BD right, but I wonder if there’s more I could be doing. Yes I’m overweight, but my doctors have not told me I need to lose weight in order to conceive because I do workout (yoga, jogging, walking,hiking). But I wonder if I should be testing for insulin resistance or what tests may be helpful. What did you find worked to get your BFP? I do get hormonal acne but my doc says I don’t have symptoms of pcos. I have switched my diet too to see if losing some weight may help too. I could really use some encouragement and guidance for next tests to take. My doc also mentioned an ultrasound for cysts or fibroids too. Have any of u experienced this?? Thanks for reading!!