Possibly an ectopic

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I was suppose to be around 6wks about two weeks ago had some cramping and spotting.. went to the Er, couldn’t find anything in the ultrasound and my HCG was 70.. after I got home I had AF like bleeding and figured it was a chemical pregnancy... followed up 2 days later and hcg was at 60. Doc told me to repeat the test in a week hoping it’ll be at 0. Yesterday it was 10 days after the last hcg and it came back at 102.... doc was worried so now I have an appointment with obgyn on Monday.. I just wanna ttc again.... someone said it could be a vanishing twin or could have got pregnant again but it’s too early and the hcg isn’t as high as it should be.. idk my mind is wandering now :/ been spotting since the ER visit