Abortion. Tmi.

Saturday I have an appointment to terminate my pregnancy. I'm 21 yrs old and the father is 20. I never thought I would be faced with such a hard decision. Background story is the father is a "married" legally separated man.. Found out I was pregnant after 3 months of us dating and he just doesn't want the child. He's not on board with it at all. Says it will effect his career.. Get him in trouble. I've cried and cried to him wanting his support and he just won't budge. I went out of my way to find and abortion clinic that does Saturday appointments to aline with his schedule and let him know I would like him to go but if need be he doesn't have to. (Given I would obviously like his support tho...) He hasn't worked a Saturday since we met but all the sudden he might be this Saturday.. Told me he would "check" his weekend duty schedule. He says how rude I've been lately and how he is trying to be there for me but the reason I've been rude is because I just feel resentful that he doesn't want our child. I feel like the abortion is the right thing at this point and possibly dump his ass after. Am I being selfish?? .... I'm giving him what he wants