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This is Endometriosis

As I’ve said in many posts I’ve had problems since I was 10. Doctor after Doctor nobody would take me seriously. Birth control after birth control nothing helped. Begging doctors to take me seriously. Nothing worked. Even after losing my child they just thought “oh this is common it’s nothing to worry about.” For years I just wanted somebody to take my pain seriously. On January 30th I went to the doctor that took me seriously. Told her my symptoms and she ordered some tests to have done. Well I came back on Feb 26 and everything can back normal except my ultrasound... Right then she told me I have PCOS. But then she also told me she thinks I have endometriosis also💔 My heart dropped I felt defeated. She scheduled me for a laparoscopy on May 6th. And on May 6th it felt like my whole world changed. I was praying so hard they would go in and find nothing. When I woke up my first question was “can I have kids.” They told me they found endometriosis on the left side of my uterus but it wasn’t that bad so they just cauterized the endometriosis off. But on the right side it was so bad they had to cut it off😔🎗. They sent it to test for cancer and I’m praying it comes back negative 😕. I’ve been on bedrest since the surgery and it’s given me time to think A LOT. Maybe too much... I’m constantly thinking about if I will be able to carry a baby or if my body just won’t let that happen. I think about those cancer results. Just so much goes through my mind But I know everything is going to be okay. Regardless of what is thrown my way. I will fight this and I will get through this. If you have an illness. DO NOT LET IT WIN. Fight it. I know it gets hard but never give up💕. Yes, you can have bad days. Yes, you can have days that you just lay in bed and say fuck the world, but do not give up. You got this🎗♥️

Also do not tell women who suffer with endo or Pcos to just “get over it” or “stop being so lazy” WE ARE TRYING. We are in pain 24/7. We have good days. We have bad days. Stop making people feel bad for something they can not control 🗣

You are not obligated to do everything a healthy person does. You are not obligated to be an inspiration. You are not obligated to hide your illness in order to make other people comfortable. You are allowed to have bad days. You are allowed to stay in bed if you can’t get up to do anything but go to the bathroom. It’s not your fault if other people leave you because of your illness. It’s not your fault that you are sick. You don’t have have to apologize for something that is out of your control 💕🎗

Also feel free to share to bring Awareness to something not many people know about 💔

Endometriosis - is a disorder in which tissue that normal forms inside the uterus grows outside the uterus. 1 in 10 women have this condition. Many women go their entire lives without being diagnosed. Heres the symptoms of endometriosis

1. Pain in lower abdomen, lower back, pelvis, rectum, or vagina

2. Pain can occur during sex and while pooping

3. Irregualr periods/abnormal menstruation

4. Heavy periods

5. Painful periods

5. Spotting in between cycles

6. Abdominal fullness or cramping

7. Chronic fatigue

8. Infertility

PCOS- A hormonal disorder causing enlarged ovaries with small cysts on the outer edges. 1-10 women have this condition. This is the leading cause of fertility problems in women.

Symptoms of PCOS

1. Abnormal menstruation/irregular periods.

2. Heavy periods or extermely short and light periods

3. Overweight/weight gain

4. Acne or oily skin

5. Depression

6. Loss of scalp hair

7. Unwanted hair/inappropriate male features

8. Fertility problems/infertility

PCOS causes very painful cysts on the ovaries. Which can rupture at anytime and cause severe pain and sometimes internal bleeding.