3 week old baby


I am so jealous of moms with a newborn baby that sleeps. I exclusively breast feed and my baby is up every 2 hours to eat, she takes an hour to fall asleep. I’m exhausted. I cry almost every day, I end up sleeping in the living room so my husband can rest since he’s the one working right now. I’m close to giving up and switching to formula, I havnt started pumping yet because I was told to wait until 6 weeks but even when I do start I ahve to be up to pump so I’m just lost as to how to make this better. I keep getting told she’s only little once which yes is true but I look awful lately, my appetite is either there or not and I am definitely resentful toward my husband because he can sleep and not really deal with the baby since she needs me for food. I don’t think I’ve reached the I love being a mom stage and my husband is all sleep when the baby sleeps, well it’s hard to do that when the house is in shambles and cooking needs to be done. He’s also thinking I’m spoiling her by carrying her so much well she eats every 2 hours so yes she’s in my arms a lot. He clearly just has no clue what’s going on and it pisses me off