HE TORE MY VAGINA ! Final update & news !


Thanks everyone who has been worried for me and gave me support and advice.

Today started out HORRIBLE with the worst pain ever but today I also went to gynecologist.

She was a harsh lady that I hope knew what she was talking about. She touched my lady parts so harshly and inserted a mirror or whatever that thing is called inside so brutally. I cried.

But she gave me prescriptions and advices.

I went and gave blood and urine to laboratory for STI for the first time !

Then I bought medicine and painkillers from prescription and now drank the first dose.

I’m all cozied up in my bed and ready mentally to beat that sickness !!!! Can’t wait for test results too.

I’m also thankful to these situations because they truly show me who is who. NONE of my “friends” even bothered to text me or call me knowing that I’m in incredible pain and not even able to come out of my house. BUT my man has been the best leaning shoulder i could ever lean on. My family has been very close to me and very supportive ! My step mother and my mother so my dad ! And honestly that’s the only people I need ! I’m so happy inside because i have them!

Oh also! Have any of you ever been going camomile baths for vagina? I was recommended to do them three times a day until my next check up.

Btw, my next check up will be either Monday or Tuesday!