Would it be wrong?

I’m currently pregnant with my fiancé’s (soon to be husband) first child, also my first child too. It’s Mother’s Day and I feel like I am already a mother to our baby. I have been told happy Mother’s Day from my church which made me happy to be recognized as a mother already. As my pastor had said that I am a mother because my baby is inside of me and is healthy!!! But I feel like my fiancé doesn’t feel the same way. And it does hurt. Though we have even talked about it and I have said that this would be my first Mother’s Day and was excited. I understand that he probably doesn’t view me fully as a mom yet because we have yet to have our baby.

But he has yet to spend time with me today and probably won’t because he’ll be taking out his mom to eat dinner and then the rest of his time with her. I also get that she is his mother and wants to spoil her today. And I haven’t gotten on to him about not telling me Happy Mother’s Day because he has his day set out on her. So I’ve been quite about it and cried about it as well. But I tell myself I am okay and don’t want him to cancel plans with his mom. Knowing him if I were to tell him on how I felt he would immediately cancel plans with his mom and come to me. Which I also don’t want to be that person. But a part of me wants to. Would it be wrong to tell him so he could spend time with me or should I just keep quite about it?

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