Online dating


Sooo I met this guy online. First, I know a lot of people aren’t fans of this but in today’s society, that’s how a lot of people meet. Especially considering I don’t get out much, I work crazy hours, and I’m a single parent. My issue is my mom, she isn’t a fan of online dating and thinks it’s flat out dumb. I’ve always been the type to go with what everyone says, even if it doesn’t make me happy.

He's very different considering the guys I’ve been with in the past and how I’ve been treated, and it’s a good gut feeling, not a maybe feeling about him. He doesn’t have an issue with me having a child already and makes me feel safe and comfortable, almost like I’ve known him before. With that being said, he would like to meet my parents, I didn’t even mention anything about it he just up and said he really would like to.

How do I bring up the fact I met someone online to my mom, who is judgmental in a way and we see each other long term?