ER visit

My husband and I took our 2 month old to the emergency room last night as she’s been vomiting repeatedly. While we were there they wanted to take blood and had a hell of a time. They poked her in both feet and a hand. They couldn’t get blood after all that so we had to be transferred to another hospital where they poked her again in her ankle but to do so they bent her foot completely outwards, almost pointing behind her, which I did to myself to see how it would feel and I can’t even get my foot to point back that far without unbearable pain. From being poked and pulled she screamed in a way I never imagined possible and I’m honestly concerned for her wellbeing now. I’m worried about her ankle being turned nearly backwards by these nurses trying to get blood and I know that babies at this age shouldn’t be left to cry for long periods and I suspect they probably shouldn’t cry as hard as she did either and now I’m worrying myself sick and also feel guilty for even taking her and letting them do that.

And she is fine, by the way, at least based on what they checked while we were there. They did an xray & ultrasound of her tummy and did blood work to check her electrolytes and everything came back okay. I wish we had an answer to why she’s been vomiting but I’m glad it doesn’t seem to be anything serious at this point.