Did progesterone actually help anyone? I refuse to take it.

I have had 2 losses at 5 and 6 weeks and I’m 24 years old. Where I live they do not do extensive testing until 3 losses, so my OB simply prescribed progesterone suppositories for the next time I get pregnant.

I’m a bit iffy about taking them as they didnt even do tests to see if I’m low on progesterone or anything. She says she suspects I may be, but even if I’m not; that it wont harm anything. Shes actually an awesome OB and many of my friends have seen her and be successful, but my overthinking is getting to me today.

Did progesterone suppositories actually hp anyone? I took the oral ones in my first pregnancy (that I miscarried) so you can see why I’m hesitant.

I want to hear some positive stories