Cant do it anymore

stephanie • TTC #1 since April 2016

It's been over 3 yrs and I can't do it anymore. I am depressed all the time. I cry watching TV because theres a parent watching their kid with a milestone and I think yup thatll never be me so start crying. We found out few months ago its Male infertility. My husband has accepted he wont have a kid but I cannot accept that. I want to have 1 of mine and adopt a couple. <a href="">IVF</a> isnt really an option. Deep down I know I could get prego by a donor but SO says no either both ours or neither. Then it just causes arguments who is the selfish one. If it was opposite and he wanted a kid I would say atleast its 1 of ours and be happy. Knowing I can still have kids and he cant and wont let me really hurts. If I knew all this before we got married I'm not sure if I would have. Going to see another DR this winter to see if they can help. Done getting my Hope's up