Is the term love is love okay in this situation?

So I'm currently dating someone I've known for at least 6 years now but I haven't told my family who it is for one reason..... he's the brother of my sister's baby daddy. They aren't together and wont be getting back together I know for a fact. His brother knows about us and doesn't really care. However I know my family would flip even though I'm 19, mostly because our families have major issues with each other. I've liked him since I met him and now that we are together he makes me a happy person when I'm with him and when I talk to him. He recently asked me to move with him when he gets his new place and I want to go but I really dont want to be judged by my entire family. I really need advice and would love if you weren't rude about it and gave me positive things. (P.S. if you actually read it thank you for taking the time out of your day to read about this and a even bigger thank you for giving me advice)