Something happened and I am scared

So Im a 20 year old woman. Ive had a bad childhood including rape and sexual assault. But I didnt expect this. Im married with a little girl (8 months old). And I live with his family. Well Im a pretty stressed person and so I went out for a smoke tonight in my pjs cause I didn't want to change just to go outside. Well as Im smoking my cigarette I hear my cousin's uncle who lives next door to me call me over to talk. This is usual he'll call me over to just have casual conversation while we happen to both have stepped out for a smoke. He started telling me him and his wife were fighting cause she doesn't appreciate that he pays the bills and stuff. Hes from Mexico, he told me there weren't people who cheat in Mexico often. But in America they cheat all the time. He asked me if I could come over and watch his kids throughout the week while he was at work and I told him no. But he said he'd pay me, so I told him I'll have to talk to my husband about it. We kept talking and when I was telling him goodnight he stuck his arm out for a hug and asked me again to please watch his kids. He told me that I was his best friend. Then he tried to pull my chin up to kiss him. I tilted my head down but he wouldn't let me go from the hug and tried to kiss me again. I broke out of the hug and said Ill talk to my husband about it. Then left. Idk if it was what I was wearing or something, but Ive never had this happen to me by a family member or in general. He was not intoxicated I wouldve smelled it and he was not slurring his words at all. My problems with rape in the past have just been straight out rape they held me down and stuff. But idk what to do or how to react in this situation or if it happens again. I am genuinely scared and looking for advice. I know Im 20 but I am just shocked and kind of shaking from this. He lives right next door to me. I locked up our house and every window. I know that I need to be firm and stand my ground but Im just scared and need some advice Please. And I just want to thank the commenters and let you guys know I will appreciate all of your advice and all opinions are welcome. Im not going to "come at you" with hurtful responses. Im honest to god just looking for some help as Ive never been or felt like this in a situation like this before.