So I know everybody tells you you’ll know when you’re in labor.. but seriously idk how to completely tell. I feel like I’m dying y’all not literally but my whole body is giving me hell. Here’s my symptoms..

Loose watery stools

Pressure in butt

Contractions that become stronger and closer together

Severe back pain

At 9pm last night I started having contractions but didn’t affect me very much so I went to take a shower and relaxed after. At about 10:30-11 they started getting stronger and closer. By 1am it was getting worse and felt so much pressure in my butt and have the worst back pain. My stomach is extremely sensitive to the touch. Does this sound like labor? Please no rude comments. I honestly am miserable at this point. I see my dr today so I’ll mention it to them but need some opinions on what I could be looking forward to. Btw im 39 weeks 2 days.