Im single & free.


So i have been in a relationship thats just been absolutely life draining for a complete 6 years. I know ya hear this all the time so im not here to tell you nothing new. We were 16 young n dumb we had a miscarriage and we now have a 1 year old son together. This man cheated on me during my entire pregnancy. Then he beat me because i tried to get to the bottom of him and this older women he was messing with. & still i stayed... Y? Because i thought things were going to change. Promises and more promises came after. To this day im stuck living with my mother no drivers license no full time job no money a big debt and full time mom. Him? Oh he has a full time job a home a car and no debt at all. But does he even care about what im going thru? Not one bit.. I finally decided it was time because im tired of being called a bitch every time i do something he doesnt agree with. Im just done. Imma start over and imma be a good single mother nothing is stopping me