Something to think about šŸ¤”

Taking it one day at a Time ā€¢

I went through my trials and tribulations while I was pregnant and after that too. I was by myself. I struggled. I cried and then cried some more. Battling depression with a newborn Baby and no one to talk too. No one asked me how I was. I was quiet. I didnt smile. I spent many days in deep thought. I wish I had held my Baby more. I wish I had played with her more. I wish I had comforted her more. She is growing into a beautiful confident Girl despite my depression.

But we got this. Never underestimate your ability as a Mother or a Wife but foremost as a Woman. Help another. Encourage one another. Too many Women nowadays just put other Women down or busy trying to compete with one another.

"No one is better than one another except in good deeds" - Prophet Muhammad PBUH