So is it a gift or not ?

If someone said “surprise I been making payments to take you to universal studios, we leave in less than a month”, would you expect for everything to be paid for or not?

Backstory : my bf surprised me with a trip to universal studios. He told me that he was going to make payments to have everything paid for. Less than a week (literally we leave for the trip in a day) he tells me “btw You’re going to have to buy your own park ticket (230$)”. Now, had he told me months in an advance and said I needed to pay for the ticket, I wouldn’t be mad, but he straight up said that he was paying for it and that it was a gift. I don’t know about you but if someone surprises me with a trip, I expect it all to be paid for expect for souvenirs , food, small little last minute plans. I have only $260 saved up. If I pay for the ticket, I’ll only be left with $30 to spend for nine days.

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