About to kiss and I pulled away 🤦‍♀️

So me and my boyfriend haven’t kissed yet... today I was with him and everything was good and we were about to kiss but then I pulled away, it wasn’t right! I felt so nervous and I didn’t know what I was doing! I felt sooo bad, he’s the loveliest person and is so nice to me and he felt bad because he thought he was putting pressure on me. I told him please don’t think that, it’s all my fault because I’m so awkward and nervous! I told him next time I see him I’ll kiss him but now I’m scared because I made such a big deal over something that shouldn’t be an issue! So many thoughts are going through my head - if I can’t kiss him then what? Do I just go back to being friends with him? But I’ll miss him too much!

- do I kiss him and try my hardest to not be nervous? I could be a really bad kisser so I’m scared!

Please send advice/suggestions or other! Feel free to laugh at me, I feel like a fool