My job is screwing me over ..

I really needed somewhere to rant because my boss is extremely condescending towards me and it pushed me to my breaking point.

I told my assistant manager I was pregnant when I was about 8 weeks just so they could cut some of my hours back and she went and told the whole staff without my permission. I’m a manager at my job but the only one who they won’t make full time because they don’t want to offer me any benefits or anything. Even though i’m “part time” I work 39.5 hours a week and i’ve been in and out of the hospital with this pregnancy so far. Well now my assistant manager is pregnant and my GM is her best friend so she decided to cut her hours no problem at all so she could get a better health insurance meanwhile i’m 20 and can’t get approved because of how many hours I work.

I love working where I work but I have to quit now in order to afford any doctors or hospital visits. Is she in the wrong or am I just a baby ? This isn’t the first thing she’s done to me. When I went to the hospital she hung up the phone on me when I called to tell her and then she scheduled me 11 days with no days off after I got out and I ended up fainting at work and she yelled at me and told me i’m dragging everyone down by becoming pregnant ..