PCOS sad and heartbroken


I just found out today that I have PCOS & I must admit I am very upset about it I have cried like a baby ...... I have irregular cycles and sometimes they last a little longer than expected not only that I am a bit overweight weighing 180 I explained that to my OB & she knows that however I’m a bit confused based off of things I have read about PCOS and some of you guys posts as well by her knowing my symptoms she diagnosed me with it but what actually determines it bloodwork ultrasounds ??? She scheduled me to get an ultrasound done so she can look at my ovaries and everything else to make sure that there is nothing else going on with me other than the irregular cycles and the weight gain I have 2 kids now I am TTC for baby #3 does this mean I will never be able to have another baby 😢😢😢❓❓ instead of her prescribing any type of medication for it she told me she wants to start me on birth control the pill & that’ll help me regulate which I don’t understand how If we are trying to have a baby she also just left me with keep losing weight ❓❓ guys help I don’t know what to do also can you guys please share your stories with me and your journey with PCOS as far as what type of medications you are taking and what you did to conceive your little ones and how long it took to have your little ones not only that is there still hope for me 💔👶🏽