can’t leave an abusive relationship. need help.

i’m 17, and 12+2 weeks pregnant. I have been in an on and off relationship with my boyfriend for about 3 years now, he’s 19. He is verbally and physically abusive towards me, mostly verbally. I get called a hoe,whore,thot, and every other name you can think of everyday. I get hit if i talk too much, and constantly get told i can’t go spend time with my family because he doesn’t trust me. I currently have no friends at all because he told me he doesn’t trust me, and that if i wanted to be with him i had to drop all of my fiends. i live with him. i will admit that because of him treating me like this for 3 years now i have started to doubt him and will “trip” on him too. He makes me feel so insecure and like i’m not enough. Im also severely depressed and have anxiety like no other. I’m not happy with him at all, but i can’t ever get myself to leave him. I’m constantly apologizing for crying and for stating things that hurt me that he does. i need help.


after reading everything you all have said i told him i was leaving and he ended pinning me down on the bed and choked me saying he wish he could kill me. but i got out of the situation. i’m currently with my mom and we plan on getting a restraining order.