Phantom fleas?


Someone please reassure me that I'm not hysterical or crazy! So my downstairs neighbors have 'emotional support' animals. 2 cats and a dog. Well the cats are not fixed and keep having kittens. Today in the car right after we left our apartment I noticed a itchy spot on my arm. There was a small bite and my husband said oh must be a mosquito bite. Which it didn't seem like one but I didn't think much of it and the itching went away. After we got home my husband was in the bathroom, which has a heating vent in the floor that it's pretty open to their bathroom, we hear EVERYTHING they say while in there and have heard the kittens mowing loudly in there and smell cat spray from time to time, well he FOUND a flea on him while going to the bathroom. Well in the past 4 hours or so I have been getting these bites on my lower legs, ankles, feet and arms. All the parts of me that are exposed and not covered in clothing. I have like 7 bites now but I haven't seen a single flea on me and I'm the only one having this happen to me!! I'm also the only one pregnant. And these are not just the heeby jeeby itchy spots from knowing my hubby found a flea these are legitimate bites! But how can I be getting bit when i haven't seen any fleas on me? And at this point I'm watching like a hawk trying to catch something. We have no carpets in our entire apartment! Has anyone had this happen? I think my hubby thinks I'm crazy or just psyching myself out but I know I'm not. 🤨🤔

Please tell me you see these!!!