Terrifying anatomy scan!!!


So, last Tuesday my husband and I went for our anatomy scan. We were SOOOOO excited! We have a little boy already, he will be 2 at the end of August, so we were both really hoping for a little girl. That's all we had on our minds, finding out the gender of our sweet baby number two. Two nights before our ultrasound I had a dream that as soon as the lady put the thing on my belly there he was, spread eagle showing us exactly what he was working with 😂😂 sure enough that's EXACTLY what happened lol. So, she tells us we are indeed having a boy but I notice that she isnt saying much else, no weight, she doesnt point out body parts, and takes awful pictures that you cant tell anything in. She gets up and say shes gotta get the dr because they like to do their own scan, she leaves the gel on my belly and everything. She says the dr should be back in just a second. I immediately knew something did sound right, I told my husband I thought something was wrong and he assured me everything was fine. It takes over 5 minutes for the dr to finally come in. 5 minutes y'all. Everything that could possibly be wrong is running through my mind. Finally the dr comes in and immediately starts with, "I see you decided to opt out of the 12 week screening for Down syndrome" my heart sank, I couldn't keep myself from crying, my husbands hands were shaking. We were terrified. She tells us that the babies nuchal fold is bigger than it should be and that it's a soft marker for Downs. We had to have blood work done, and then we'd have to just wait for the results. It was so hard to even be excited about finding out the gender at this point. That was all this last Tuesday, yesterday I got an email from my health portal saying my app had been updated. I hadn't even thought to check but when I did I felt so relieved. Our baby boy is going to be just fine and I couldn't be happier!!! Now, I can finally be excited because ITS A BOY!!! #BOYMAMA