They keep sending me to the hospital and making me think im having my baby. What would you do?

I am completely tired of all this.

So, i’m 26 weeks pregnant.

4 weeks ago, i went to MFM for an ultrasound and the tech said my cervix looked incomplete, and decided to do an internal to check it and measure it, my cervix was 16mm, when it was supposed to be 30mm, and i was sent to the hospital. i stayed in the hospital for 2 days, and was sent home on medication; bedrest and had a follow up appointment within a week.

I went back to my appointment at MFM and she measured my cervix, and it was 7mm, they said. I was sent straight to the hospital, and put on magnesium. my doctors ( from MFM ) were telling me we are having a baby within 2-3 weeks and i was terrified. they took my back to have my cervix measured; 2 days of being in the hospital and on magnesium. my cervix was 22mm. my OB came in to see and was pissed, he told me it was never 7mm in the first place, that its not medical possible for my cervix to go to 7mm, back to 22mm. He apologized to me for making me think i was having a baby within 2 weeks, and told me how the whole 4 days in the hospital was a waste of time, i didn’t need to be there. I was sent home on medication, and again complete bedrest.

Today, I got to my MFM appointment and they measure my cervix, she tells me its a 4mm, and that my water is leaking. She sent me over to my OB office for my water leakage to be checked, and tells me after i will be sent to the hospital to have my baby by the end of the week. I get to my OBs office, he checks my cervix himself ( looks at it ) because hes tired of this, he looks at it and tells me “ your cervix looks 22mm, and it looks great. a great length, its closed and no fluids. “ he sends me home and now im home.

They keep doing this to me, and i dont know wtf to do.


MFM is maternal fetal medicine who do the ultrasounds and high risk doctors, they work with my OB but are not my OB, my OB can’t measure the cervix with a ultrasound as he is a OB, thats MFMs job.

MFM and my OB are in the same hospital ( both are in the hospital im delivering in )