Baby Caleb


I went in to be induced on the Thursday, contractions started on their own but was given the pessary to speed things along. Unfortunately it didn't work well enough to have my waters broken but contractions continued all through to Friday lunchtime when everything stopped. The midwifes decided that i was dilated enough to have my waters broken. late Friday night i was taken to the delivery ward. Excited and nervous this was my 3rd birth but i was on my own. My little boy was coming 19days early on the only night we had no childcare for my two girls. My waters were broken soaking the midwife in the process 2hours later i was put on the drip and still nothing. No contrations I'd stopped dialating and the consultants weren't happy with babys heart rate. So at 3.16am Saturday morning weighing 7lb5 my little man arrived by cesarean completing our family.