Advice Pregnancy 13-14 weeks n car accident

Kelly • ~Këllzz~

So last night I was in a small car accident I was riding in the back I had one knee on the back driver seat n stuped me no seat belt it was raining n dark and we went around a curve n a tire slightly went off in the grass n we slide lil n when driver went turn wheel the front end side car hit guard rail bounced off it n hit it two more time down the car or something like that car had scratch all way down it n front end endented almost under tire we had pull it back out the back was lil dented to n another dent on back door this was all down passenger side car I was sitting on driver side back n like said before I had my one knee up on back of the driver seat n no seat belt well I ended up on passenger side I must slide but came up off the seat to bc I hit the other sides door with my lower back all way up to my head pretty much my whole right side of my back and my knee was still up sum and by reation I was holding my belly but anyway we pulled over first place we could and I got out n try to calm down we was very upset nobody else got hurt jus a bump on the head maybe but the pressure of the hit from me from one side the car to the other in the door with my knee up my lower right side pelvic area felt lil pressure and down my right thigh guess where my knee was pushed in to me n my head hurts for a few but another thing I had Car accident few yr ago. Broke my hip n pelivic area all around right side no surgery they thought it would heal on its on but it did not Irs still messed up but the jerk of the car n where it hit could b the cause of my pressure there I came home n passed out I woke up earlier still feel that pressure I don't hurt really it kinda hard to explain but it's awkward lifting my right leg or useing it much like it is kinda sore but mostly jus feel that pressure more from my right inside thigh up to lil bit above my pelvis n maybe lower stomach when doing that lifting of that leg or getting on bed I get on it starting with my left leg but like I said it's no major pain but I need advice do I need to get checked out???????????????.?? Should my baby b fine ????!??!?!!? Plz lemme know ur best thoughts here thank u