How soon after miscarriage did you get pregnant?

I found out at the 8 week ultrasound that I had a blighted ovum, hormone levels dropped and it was for sure that I was to miscarry soon. Instead of waiting or getting a D&C, I opted to take the medication at home. I took the medication on May 13th and bled until the 22nd. I had an ultrasound on the 23rd which confirmed everything was out and the doctor gave me the okay to try again with no need to wait if we didn’t want to. I purchased some ovulation tests and took one on the 26th and it was positive for ovulation, the following 3 days also had positive ovulation tests and the 5th day was negative. I ended up taking a pregnancy test and it was positive. Obviously, I know this is way too soon to be pregnant so I googled and found out it’s normal for hormones to still be present for a bit. It’s been two weeks since my ultrasound and and I took a test today and it’s still positive. I called my doctors office and the nurse said It’s possible that I could be pregnant again and that my hormones may have went to 0 after miscarriage and I may have got pregnant again already.. she claimed it happens all the time. She also said it’s also an possibility that I still have hormones from the previous pregnant though so without looking at levels she wouldn’t know.

Now I’m curious, has someone gotten pregnant that quick after a miscarriage? I went today to get my hormones checked and will go back on Sunday to the lab and get it checked again to determine weather they are going up or down so hopefully I will know something Monday.