Headed to L&D. Panicking!

Jessica • Wife 💍•Mommy to 👧🏻 and 1 👼🏻• Our 🌈 Girl is Due 07•13•19

Only 33w6d and we think my water may have broken..I peed, then was walking out of the bathroom and a good amount of fluid gushed out, followed by a few smaller gushes. My pants were soaked down to my knees. I called my OB and they told me to go straight to L&D because it sounded like my water had broken. I’m having some small, very minor Braxton Hicks, and baby is still moving. This is our second baby, I’m absolutely terrified of her coming early! Any similar instances and baby did NOT come?

*Update* It was not my water 🙌🏼 She’s staying put, for now! Thank goodness-she’s not ready and neither are we! 😂