My boyfriend of a year and almost a half are breaking up this Sunday. He has been pondering the decision to make sure it was the right one but has finally decided and we are meeting in person sunday for it.. We are long distance but not so far. 1 hour. I've known him for almost 6 years now total and we were on and off for years and years. I love him so much but he just isn't happy (though he said he still loves me, its too stressful) with the distance since im at college. Since we have dated so long he also doesn't know if he wants to settle with me because im really one of the only people he has ever seriously dated, im so heartbroken because i still love him so much and he was also my best friend. We talk everyday and I just dont know how I'm gonna continue life without him being a part of it. It'll hurt too much though to talk to him after and especially if he moves on. I really just need support and someone to talk to. I feel so alone.