Food stamps and child supporting

I'm 37 weeks pregnant and on food stamps. If I put the father on the birth certificate will he have to pay child support because I'm on food stamps? I've been told they will by my family but he don't think they will. I don't want him to have to pay child support seeing he has provided for the baby already and will continue to do so after baby is born. I'm unable to work do to being high risk leaving me with no income. I'm not planning on staying on food stamps and I don't get any other assistance besides health care and food stamps. I live in indiana. We are not together he isn't on any case it will be just me and baby.

He is supporting baby and will after he is born so I don't feel he should be put on child support and have to pay more on top of taking care of baby already. By time baby is able to eat solid food I will be off food stamps. Food is really just for me until I can start Working again.