Pregnant- 5 weeks currently!


Hey ladies,

So I’m trying to stay off these threads about this particular subject. My doctor has told me my progesterone levels are “great” but my fertility acupuncturist said they’re not because I have PCOS and I was on clomid to conceive. At 7 dpo, I was 6.5 ng/ml. At 4 weeks 4 days or so, I was 14.46. Anything above 12 is normal range and the doc said I don’t need progesterone suppositories and also tells me there’s no studies that it actually prevents miscarriage. She said as long as my hcg levels are doubling like they should, then I’m fine. But I can take the suppositories if it makes me feel better.

What do you think!?

Hcg levels-

4 weeks- 88

4 weeks 4 days- 737

Waiting on my 4 weeks 6 days results!