I need your opinion.


I was looking over my hospital records and came across my list of complications. None of these, other than meconium in my amniotic fluid were discussed with me by my doctor. In fact, she told my husband and mother, who were waiting for me post c section, that everything had gone well.

Also, the anesthesiologist was the one who told me I had lost a lot of blood, again, not my doctor. I understand she wasn’t working the next day, but at my follow-up appointment, she didn’t go over anything that happened, either.

Is that normal? Or should she have explained what happened? I was put under general anesthesia since I was able to feel them cutting me so I was out until awoken in recovery. I had no idea I had some of these complications - like cord entanglement, until I had access to my records.

That made me really sad. I’m just wondering what your opinion is on this because I’m considering a new OBGYN after this experience. She also told me I could labor for days as long as baby was okay, but now thinking back, that didn’t seem right either.

Just wanting your opinion on this. Thanks.